Monday 7th March 2016

Hiya guys! Today was the WORST!! Firstly, we had DOUBLE P.E. and it was ok but we had to do ROUNDERS. If you are from America or somewhere else it is the English version of baseball. At lunch I got shoved and I dropped my food right next to this guy who is super fit and who I have had a crush on since I came to this school! He just sat there laughing at me! I turned bright red and ran to the bathrooms and was probably shouted at by a few teachers on the way for running down the hall. Before I could start crying, my best friend, lets call her ‘bestie’- simple I know- anyway, she came in and stopped me because we had a deal which was that if I cry then she will self-harm herself- bestie used to self-harm all the time and then she says that I saved her because I was her only friend, she still does it from time to time but not as much which is progress, right? She is seeing people who help her but sometimes she gets angry because she doesn’t want to see theses people because they treat her like they are dumb. I just wish she would  stop and I know that it isn’t easy for her but sometimes I just get so worked up about it that I can’t speak to her or I will cry. That’s all I ever do, I don’t get angry and violent, I just cry. Anyway I’d better go now can you guys help me with an ending to use in these posts, coz honestly I have no clue what to say….

See you soon

Gal99 xxxx


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