Wednesday 9th March 2016

Hiya guys! Today nothing much really happened, it was a boring day. Oh, today we were looking at our drama tests which was embarrassing coz miss kept showing the videos we had taken of our play and mine was soo bad! I hate this school, I want to go to a different one but I didn’t get in so I have to come to this one instead. I’m applying to go to the other school but I don’t think I will get in because of where I live… that’s depressing isn’t it. I don’t have a best friend from this school apart from the person I told you about on my first post, bestie, I might reveal her name in the next one not you guys care, but hey I’ll do it anyway. Well I should probably get going coz I have not had my tea yet so…

see you later….

Gal99 xxx

p.s. check out this blog, it is soo good it is called Painted Lolli Pops!


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